Vivahouse is democratising access to your own private space within vibrant urban community. Urban living is becoming ever increasingly unaffordable and inaccessible for the mass market, yet we’re seeing greater urban population growth than ever.

Vivahouse is the solve for this asymmetry; we’re changing the nature of live, work and play with space solutions that progressive city dwellers are craving. We are building the urban living blueprint of tomorrow. 



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Who we are

We’re are a young dynamic team who have lived across the worlds most compact cities, including  London, NYC, San Francisco and Hong Kong. We have experienced the problem we’re building a solution for first hand. 

We bring deep cross industry experience from finance, technology, the arts and real estate. This uniquely positions us with an ability to think differently and apply a deeply dynamic approach to real estate.   

Our co-founders bring over 20 years combined experience in the real estate industry across architecture, design, development and operation. 

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