Transforming the definition of housing:


  • A branded homogeneous housing experience

  • 8.5m2 Standard Vivahouse

  • A medium term stay accommodation unit

  • Volumetric panel system - easy & quick assembly

  • Production, delivery & setup in weeks


Our Secret Sauce

We win on speed and ability to scale housing fast.

We’ve constructed a prefab system, enabling us to rapidly scale our accommodation supply in a matter of days, then furnishing the space to create asset light living developments.


Reducing construction time
and cost by 75%

prefab sys tech.png

Building a rapid supply of homogeneous units via prefab systems technology

unused space.png

Utilising the 100 Million + sq-ft of unused commercial spaces in cities

Global accomodation.png

Mission: To create Housing as a Service


Our setup

Fast, scalable conversion of existing commercial floorplates:

Micro co-living | Viable housing solution | Fits any space | Live/Sleep/Work | Movable

  1. Workspace

  2. Games Table

  3. Shared Space

  4. Lounge

  5. Kitchen

  6. Toilets

  7. Showers


Co-living Spaces

Mixing programs

We will incorporate these areas in developments on a site specific basis


Our pop-up site - Whiteleys London

Opening Q4 2018


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